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Fine Art / Graphic Design / Art Direction

Melissa has been creating art since she could pick up a pencil. With an education in both fine art and design, she creates work informed by that background, but in a non-traditional fashion. She works primarily in oil and illustration. She bridges the gap between street art and fine art, with gallery work and murals. Melissa is based in New York, exhibiting regularly in the city, but also globally. Her collectors span the globe as far as Singapore and also across the US. 

Artist Statement

In routine, linear relationships and found objects… in replayed moments stuck in my mind… in every sunrise and in every spiral I can find… in love and in deep reflective pain, my muse can change and shift, but mostly it is found within myself. Combining surrealism and realism, I create works that depict life and also the subconscious.

Photography by Eugene Manning


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